Space Maintainers in Anthem, AZ 

Preserving Space for a Healthy Smile 

Welcome to Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry, where we understand the importance of preserving space for your child's future dental health. Our specialized space maintainer services are designed to ensure that your child's teeth have the room they need to develop properly, leading to a healthy and beautiful smile.

At Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry, we take pride in delivering exceptional care for your family, ensuring that your child's dental needs are met with precision and expertise. Discover the importance of space maintainers and how they contribute to your child's oral well-being. 

Space Maintainers 101

Why Space Maintainers Matter

Space maintainers play a crucial role in preventing dental issues and ensuring proper tooth alignment.


Preventing Dental Crowding

Space maintainers help prevent dental crowding, ensuring that your child's teeth have the necessary space to grow without causing misalignment issues.


Preserving Dental Health

By maintaining the spaces between teeth, space maintainers contribute to your child's overall dental health, preventing future complications.


Supporting Development

Space maintainers support the proper development of permanent teeth, ensuring a beautiful and functional smile in the long run.

The Space Maintainer Process at Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry


Comprehensive Evaluation 

We assess your child's dental development and alignment to provide the most appropriate care.


Customized Solutions

If a space maintainer is required, we tailor the solution to your child's unique needs. Each space maintainer is custom-made to ensure effectiveness and comfort. 


Monitoring and Adjustment 

Throughout the process, we closely monitor your child's dental development and make any necessary adjustments to the space maintainer to ensure optimal results. 

Our Commitment to Your Child's Smile

At Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry, we're committed to making dental care accessible, comfortable, and effective for every child. We believe that a healthy smile contributes to overall well-being, and we're here to ensure that every child in Anthem, AZ, can experience the benefits of exceptional dental care.

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