Emergency Dental Care

Urgent Solutions for Your Child's Dental Needs

At Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry we understand that dental emergencies can and do happen. With the exception of a broken, permanent tooth, on the weekends we can often address your child’s emergency needs from your descripton over the phone. Of course, during our normal office hours, we may have you come to the office that same day.

At Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry, we take pride in delivering exceptional care for your family during those unexpected moments. Discover the compassionate and efficient emergency dental care at our practice, dedicated to helping your child regain comfort and confidence. 

Emergencies at Sheppard

Why Emergency Dental Care Matters 

When a dental emergency strikes, quick and skilled care can make all the difference in your child's recovery.


Rapid Team Response

Our experienced pediatric dentists are ready to respond to your child's dental emergency promptly. We prioritize their comfort and well-being, ensuring a swift and effective resolution.


Comprehensive Evaluation

Upon contact with our office, our team will assess the nature and extent of the dental emergency with you over the phone, and use this information to provide the most appropriate and effective care. 


Pain Relief and Comfort

We understand the distress a dental emergency can cause. Our team is committed to relieving your child’s pain and ensuring their comfort throughout the emergency care process.

 The Emergency Dental Care Process 


 Immediate Assessment  

When you arrive at our practice with a dental emergency, our experienced team will assess the situation promptly. We use advanced diagnostics to identify the issue accurately. 


Expert Intervention

Whether it’s a broken tooth, severe pain, or any other urgent dental issue, we provide expert intervention to address the problem effectively. 


Follow-up and Recovery

After immediate care, we discuss the next steps for your child’s recovery. We provide guidance on post-emergency dental care and any necessary follow-up appointments to ensure their continued well-being. 

Our Commitment to Your Child's Smile

At Sheppard Pediatric Dentistry, we’re committed to making dental care accessible, comfortable, and effective for every child. We believe that a healthy smile contributes to overall well-being, and we’re here to ensure that every child in Anthem, AZ, can experience the benefits of exceptional dental care.

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